10 More Insane Local Russian Ads

Sick of America today? Take a trip to the Motherland, where local advertising is сумасшедший.

1. A local bank poster. Copy: “Trust — A Valuable Thing”

ID: 1336097

2. Translation: “Pedobear Children’s Sports and Games Complex” (that’s what it says).

ID: 1336115

3. ATM ad. Translation (it’s a Russian pun) : “Works Around The Clock”

ID: 1336110

4. Translation: “Think about your future! (guy photo) You today! (girl photo) You tomorrow!” IBA Group is an IT service provider, so I guess this a jobs ad. And they maybe also perform sex change operations?

ID: 1336152

5. This insanity is via Ukraine: WHERE DID EVERYBODY’S TONGUE GO?!?

ID: 1336131

6. An art show.

ID: 1336116

7. Translation: “STOP! Here is the most delicious Shawarma!” I’m guessing the deli didn’t pay for this amazing endorsement.

ID: 1336125

8. Translation: “Treat your sweetheart to some sausage!”

ID: 1336215

9. Translation: “You have smoked? Put out your stub into your ass! I am a beach not an ashtray!” Nice.

ID: 1336140

10. And, in case you didn’t know, Russia is the place Grumpy Cat made her first worldwide ad appearance (for an internet service provider).

ID: 1336166


All translations by Marina Galperina, Managing Editor of ANIMAL New York.

ID: 1336189

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