30 Adorable Redditor Cats

As every redditor knows, great cat pics are the easiest path to karma glory.

3. “Alecia”

5. At the vet, getting her temperature taken.

6. “Mr. Tickles” even lays down to eat.

7. maybe staged for karma, but I choose to believe.

10. Farm cat.

12. “Griever,” the one-eyed cat.

13. “Working” from home.

15. Garfield, IRL.

17. “Walter”

18. Sphinx keeps warm.

20. “Uhura”

22. “Daisy”

24. “Maggie” is sleeping.

25. The book is: How To Tell If Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You

26. Kitty got into a fight, had to wear sock vest.

28. Conspiracy cat, blocking NSA waves.

29. Diagrams = BIG karma.

30. Our cat Taj giving me one of his patented 15 minute stomach massages. He easily cleared 2,000 upvotes.

Via copyranter’s photos.

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