25 Fascinating Soviet Anti-Alcoholism Posters, 1929-1969

The Battle with the Bourgeois Bottle. Obvious Winner: the Bottle.

1. You drink so much, your head is a liquor cabinet comrade!

ID: 220139

2. It’s a Vodka!

ID: 220157

3. No thanks! I only drink before and after meals.

ID: 222133

4. Hospital bills paid by Government, I love my country!

ID: 220180

5. alcOhol. (I think the noose is an “O” here.)

ID: 220189

6. Drag this one to Siberia, too. (Actual translation: Eradicate the Evil, from 1959.)

ID: 220198

7. Snake venom vodka is delicious. (Translation: Overcome!)

ID: 220201

8. He drinks so much, he must have a holllow leg.

ID: 220213

9. I’ve been bottle-feeding him since conception!

ID: 220227

10. The dirty footprint on the clean sheets bothers me more.

ID: 220236

11. Alcohol makes comrade a brilliant conversationalist! (Actual: Socially dangerous!)

ID: 220242

12. Alcohol — Enemy of Reason. (That’s why I drink.)

ID: 220249

13. Don’t be a dumbbell!

ID: 220252

14. Alcohol destroys trees? Now, that’s just a big Red lie.

ID: 220256

15. Recycle!

ID: 220265

16. “For your health?” From 1969.

ID: 220272

17. Alcohol gives me huge guns! (“Dad, do not drink” from 1929)

ID: 220279

18. The long arm of Lenin. From 1929. (Actually Lenin died in 1924.)

ID: 220286

19. Not until he’s 10! (Not a drop! from 1961)

ID: 220288

20. “And they say we are pigs…” Shut-up, stupid pigs. From 1959.

ID: 220292

21. Alcohol! Social lubricant, machinery lubricant! From 1929.

ID: 220300

22. Too long/drunk, didn’t read (1929).

ID: 220312

23. “Remember: when you drink, your family is hungry” Nothing funny about that. 1930.

ID: 220321

24. No bottle opener, no problem.1930.

ID: 220338

25. “HOW DRY I’M NOT…HOW DRY I’M NOT…” Via 1966.

ID: 220972

Update: I deleted the third poster, because it was an offensive parody poster. It’s been replaced with the real one.

ID: 222077


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