22 Longer Sex Condom Ads From Around The World

For all you Minute Men out there. Technically, safe for the work.

1. Olla Condoms with “climax delay”

Via Brazil.
This is the cutest climax delay ad ever.
Look at those patient Spermatozoa hanging in the testes, waiting for their man and his numbed knob to reach the eventual point of no return. There’re chess-playing sperms, guitar-playing sperms, solitaire-playing sperms, sperms resting in hammocks, etc. It’s a sperm sit-in!

ID: 1115864

2. Zensex condoms “con retardante”

Via Peru.
Same idea as above, but not nearly as good.
“Delayed Sperm” building an airplane model.

ID: 1115863

3. Durex Performa Condoms

Via Thailand.
If you’re a football (soccer for you Americans) fan, you’re familiar with the added time sign raised near the end of halftime and before fulltime. Well, Durex used this medium to promote their Performa condoms—which feature the painkiller Benzocaine which theoretically desensitizing your raging chubb.

ID: 1115871

4. Durex Performa Condoms

Via New Zealand.
Not at all degrading to women.
Personally, I use a photo of Pope Ratzi.

Two more ads from the campaign below.

ID: 1115875
ID: 1115876
ID: 1115877

7. LoveMachine Condoms

Give Longer. Take Longer.
Wonderfully degrading.
Via Germany.

ID: 1115859

8. Durex Performa Condoms

Via Spain.
Great billboard.

ID: 1115885

9. Durex Performa Condoms

Via Singapore.
Dude’s dooky must be pretty damn sore.

ID: 1115890

10. Durex condoms “with delaying effect”

Via Turkey.

two more ads below.

ID: 1115881

11. The splooging water bottle is a nice touch.

ID: 1115882

12. Studies have proven that men who play air guitar are usually Two Pump Chumps.

ID: 1115883

13. Durex Performa Condoms

Via Belgium.
FINALLY, a gay version.
And of course it’s set in a prison.

ID: 1115889

14. Hansaplast Long Pleasure Condoms

Via France.
Nice and simple idea.

ID: 1115861

15. Durex Performa Condoms

Via France.
Special Mayan apocalypse ad.

ID: 1115865

16. Durex Performa Condoms

Via the UK.
Nice and Simple.
Second ad below.

ID: 1115886

17. The rare occasion when a pun worked.

ID: 1115888

18. Durex Performa Condoms

Via the UK.
I only got work on fun condom ads at the School of Visual Arts.
In real life, I did ads for stuff like investment vehicles and urine analysis machines.

ID: 1115891

19. Durex Performa Condoms

Via the UK.
Rubber snail.
Ouch, my twisted penis.

ID: 1115892

20. Durex Performa Condoms

Via Italy.
Cannes Lion winner from 2004.
Add this ad to ads that would never run in the USA.

One more commercial from the campaign below.

ID: 1115894
ID: 1115895

22. Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the beach.

Hansaplast Long Pleasure Condoms.
Via France.
Funny, and definitely gets the benefit across clearly.

ID: 1115862

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