200+ Cheerleaders Waiting For The Subway In New York City

They’re Spirit of America cheerleaders heading uptown to queue up for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

An unbelievable sight, even for New York City.

They were ecstatic it was 50º out, and not 30º.

(Sorry, we only had crappy cellphones.)

We got off an express train at Penn Station, and we gaped across the platform.

200+, easy, high school cheerleaders from all over America, waiting for a local uptown 8th Avenue train.

About three minutes later, a “C” train pulls into the station. There was some momentary confusion as to whether this was the right train, and then they ALL piled in.
(Their number was probably closer to 300. NYC subway trains hold 550-600 people, and every car of this train was lightly [at the front] to tightly [at the back] filled with cheerleaders.)

One “C’ train, filled with adorable, red and white-uniformed girls.

So much beauty in such an ugly place.

We were trying to imagine the face of the engineer as his train came into the station.

So much beauty in such an ugly place.

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