20 Of The Most Racist Vintage Ads

African-Americans, Mexicans, Scots, Chinese, Japanese, Native Americans — it’s a melting pot of stereotypes. 1910 — 1976.

1. early 1950s ad.

That man in the shrunken shirt is “a specimen of a vanishing tribe.”

ID: 1361161

2. Let’s make her look Scottish!

ID: 1360703

4. It’s impossible to believe that this is a real ad.

ID: 1360730

5. “Colored Kids” here is a pun that refers to her boots.

ID: 1360719

6. Pear’s Soap from the early 1900’s.

ID: 1360821

7. 1910 ad. I doubt this was officially approved by the Wright brothers.

ID: 1360855

8. 1949 ad.

It’s always interesting to see how back then white male copywriters represented “Black speak.”

ID: 1361054

1976 “Dinnertimin’” ad. “You don’t have to get dressed up, there’s no tipping…”

ID: 1360975

Classic late 1960s Levy’s ad by Doyle Dane Bernbach.
It bothers a lot of people today.

ID: 1360946

12. 1940 ad.

You really need to read that copy.

ID: 1361013

13. Some of you may remember the Frito Bandito from the 1960s.

ID: 1360906

Via the 1960s for the Rice Council of America.
True Story: The first ad agency I worked for had a shady spa as a client. One of their treatments was a full body “weight loss” wrap. (You just lost water weight).
Our headline on the ad featuring a sexy, curvy fully wrapped woman — “Have you ever seen a fat mummy?” They bought it.

ID: 1360786

15. 1906 ad.

ID: 1361046

16. 1944 ad. If you’re unfamiliar with the term “coolie,” here.

ID: 1361039

17. 1934 ad.

Think they made him dark enough?

ID: 1361017

18. Speaking of skin tone, a 1967 ad.

ID: 1361031

19. This whole post could have been Aunt Jemima ads.

ID: 1361180

20. 1960s commercial — Injun Orange and Chinese Cherry.

ID: 1361137


here’s 30 more vintage racist ads.

ID: 1361265

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