18 Funny, Sexy Men’s Underwear Ads

Bizarre funny ads. Creepy funny ads. Disgusting funny ads. Hot men and hot women. But NO David Beckham.

1. Unno Anatomical Underwear

Via Madrid.
A sidewalk installation complete with penis-level shattered glass promoting package-plumping Unno anatomical underwear. That’s a live model inside. It looks like he’s wearing an ice hockey goalie’s cup.

ID: 957049

2. Deleye

Via Belgium.
Ad agency: DDB, Brussels.

ID: 957004

3. Miroslav Underwear

Via Australia.
This is one of the rare ads I’ve seen where I said: “I wish I had created that.”
So wonderfully bizarre, and no product shot!
Three more ads from the campaign below, plus an insane TV spot.
Ad agency: M&C Saatchi, Australia.

ID: 956969

4. Miroslav Underwear

ID: 956976

5. Miroslav Underwear

ID: 956979

6. Miroslav Underwear

ID: 956984

7. Miroslav Underwear (TV)

I have only one thing to say about this spot: I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY WENT WITH THE MAN SLEEPING FACING UP.
I LOVE this commercial. Is it the strangest men’s underwear commercial ever?
Maybe. Or maybe, it’s the below one.

ID: 956990

8. Le Slip Français

Via France.
As I said last November, this is the best underwear commercial ever.
Ad agency: BETC Paris.

ID: 957245

9. Balls Underwear

Via Germany.
Napoleon and Columbus.
Ad agency: glow, Berlin.

ID: 957015

On Lafayette Street in Soho, NYC.
Model Clint Mauro for A/X underwear, snapped in 2007.
Only included because of the excellent location.

ID: 957026

11. Bonds

Via Australia.
Bonds here plays on the fact that some (OK, many) men would rather get an un-anesthetized colonoscopy then throw out one old pair of stretched, ripped, stained, skivvies.
But that curry ad is just disgusting.
Ad agency: The Campaign Palace, Sydney.

ID: 957096

12. JBS Men’s Underwear

Via Denmark.
“Men Don’t Want To Look At Naked Men.”
So, Danish ad agency & Co. shot women wearing the product doing men things (above, masturbating). Second ad below. And here’s the NSFW TV commercial from the campaign.

ID: 957167
ID: 957169

14. Jockey

Via Thailand.
Gleefully, in-you-face testicular advertising (look closely).

ID: 957076

15. Styx Underwear

Via the Czech Republic.
The Styx product benefit? The backsides of their underwear are made from one piece so no fabric ever gets stuck up my crack. Or as the translated copy reads: “This is the only time when we are getting into your ass.”
That is one fine piece of in-your-ass-vertising.

ID: 957119

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ID: 957392

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