13 Great And Terrible Local Business Ads

We again grade amateur creativity. Coming to a town near you.

1. I’ve seen a lot of “meh” sewage business truck taglines, but this one is The Shit.

Grade: A.

ID: 1188499

2. Best Crab Shack tagline ever. YES.

Pincher’s Crab Shack, in Florida.
Grade: A

ID: 1188487

3. Probably the worst children’s dentist URL in the world.

Grade: F

ID: 1188492

4. Via Toronto. Getting your name in the tagline is always a good thing.

Grad: B

ID: 1188486

5. Even though this is in Bury (the name of the town), England, your wordplay is still depressing as Hell.

Grade: D

ID: 1188490

6. Squash business, via Germany. OK OK, I’m game.

Grade: B

ID: 1188491

7. Via Colorado. Construction companies love getting dirrrty with their slogans.

Grade: C (points off for unoriginality).

ID: 1188498

8. Via Australia. This is a much better drilling company slogan.

Grade: B+

ID: 1188508

9. This is a chain in Ireland. Excellent branding.

Grade: A

ID: 1188503

10. It’s very clever and very unoriginal: I’ve seen it on several other shoe repair business windows.

Grade: C

ID: 1188510

11. Nice branding. It’s a chain.

Grade: B

ID: 1188511

12. Jeweler in Seattle. Bravo.

Grade: A

ID: 1188495

13. DICKHEAD hot sauce. Whelp: it is a good hot sauce tagline.

Grade: B.

ID: 1188505


Here’s more Great and Terrible local business ads.

ID: 1188518

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