14 Vagina Imagery Ads (Safe For Work)

In honor of International Clitoris Awareness Week (it is, look it up).

1. PETA partnered with the Ministry of Waxing to create this anti-fur ad.

ID: 1149983

2. Ad from 2008 for Swedish women’s magazine Tara.

ID: 1150560

3. 8mm bush. Poster for Sex Cinema Venus, the oldest adult movie theater in Amsterdam’s red light district which shows only vintage porn from the 70s. Nice.

ID: 1149969

4. From back when Playmates had hair down there.

ID: 1149974

5. Queen Bee waxing salon in Culver City, CA.

ID: 1149986

6. Casino ad via Australia. Brunettes drink free!

ID: 1150012

7. Bird’s Eye Salmon Fish Fingers — “SO MUCH PINK”

Uk commercial from 2009.

ID: 1149763

8. There have been many variations of this design for Eve Ensler’s play.

ID: 1150546

9. Ad for Lotte cookies via Thailand, where almost every ad references sex. The headline should be EAT ME.

ID: 1149987

10. Fake ad via the UK for Tena, the bladder weakness specialists.

ID: 1149992


These…labiastic ads from 2008 raised eyebrows.

ID: 1150027

12. Aquaglide fruit-flavored lubricant ad via Germany.

ID: 1149999

13. Target Times Square billboard from 2007.

ID: 1150007

14. Back in 2010, S.C. Johnson wanted to warn Indonesian parents to keep one wary eyebrow-less eye on what their children look at on TV and the Internet.

ID: 1149972

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