13 Ads That Are Assholes

My old ad profs said “the best ads have a personality.” Well, these ads are all real jerks.


The definition of “je ne sais quoi,” according to the Oxford 20-volume dictionary set that sits behind my desk: “an indescribable or inexpressible something.”
That something, here, is ASSHOLE.

ID: 1379055

Ad via Germany.
Porsche drivers already have “asshole” tag problems.
This ad just makes it that much worse.

ID: 1378864

There are a lot of asshole car ads.
I’ll keep to to two for this post.
I bought whoever bought it was an asshole.

ID: 1380876

This Reebok ad via Germany doesn’t even try to hide its asshole-ness one bit.

ID: 1378829

Calling any investment ad an “asshole” these days is like calling an asshole an “asshole.” However, this particular ad is really an asshole.

ID: 1378899

I really hate to pick on a world-destroying firm like Morgan Stanley…
These ads are from 2008, right on the middle of the financial collapse.
The copy starts: “If you look closely, you’ll see one is a white-bearded goat and the other a balloon.”
Well, that sure is some extraordinary worldly wiseness. So…are you guys the goat or the balloon? Are you suggesting that I invest in livestock? Rubber? Ocean exploration?
Fuck you, asshole ads.

ID: 1379018

Ad for the New York, New York Hotel and Casino in Vegas.
It features the most egregious misuse of the word “All” in ad history.

ID: 1379112

At first glance, this Starbuck’s ad doesn’t appear to be an asshole.
But, when you realize they placed it on the corner of Houston and Lafayette in NYC — where there isn’t a backyard for miles — ASSHOLE.

ID: 1379186

YES, legalize mari… asshole.

ID: 1379123

I’ve been on the fence about these obnoxious Frito-Lay ads for two years.
On one hand, they’re kind of clever.
But on the other…
Yeah, I just fell off the fence. The ads are ASSHOLES.

ID: 1379147

“Viral” video via Ray-Ban.
How do you justify charging people 4-5 times more for the same exact sunglasses?
By showing a cow giving birth to a be-sunglassed ASSHOLE.

ID: 1379073

“This is the car you buy because you can’t buy a bald eagle.”
Fuck you, ASSHOLE Dodge ad.

ID: 1379169

This Ken Cole billboard stunk up the entire west side of Manhattan for weeks with the smell of ASSHOLE.

ID: 1379200

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