11 Freaky Photoshopped Tongue/Lips Ads

Male art directors have a BIG oral fixation.

1. New ad out this week for 5 Gum, via the UK. Seeded tongues, here they come…

ID: 1174537

2. Fanta strawberry ad, via Brazil.

ID: 1174533

3. And one more disgusting seeded tongue for Ehrmann yogurt, via Germany.

ID: 1174550

4. The only ad here that I like. For Mars Chilled, a billboard erected on Kyber Pass Road in Auckland, NZ back in 2007.

ID: 1174527

5. I haven’t a clue what the pink stuff is.

ID: 1174528

6. Arousa topical women libido enhancer ad, via Saudi Arabia. I am imagining a burning penis.

ID: 1174529

7. VW Beetle-shaped lips. Yeah-NO. Ads via Italy.

ID: 1174530

8. Mentos ad via France. Translation: “Chew Cubed.”

ID: 1174532

9. “Speak two languages.” I am NOT going there, gentlemen. Poster for Berlitz language schools in the Rome Metro.

ID: 1174534

10. Hiltl vegetarian restaurant, via Switzerland. Yeech…

ID: 1174551

11. Toku-Chan Korean BBQ House, via Japan. Yummy cannibalism.

ID: 1174555

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