10 Very Unfortunate Grammar And Spelling Mistakes

I’m getting sic (sic) of this.

1. Yeah, I hate boots, too.

ID: 1252315

2. The Tea Party, perfectly encapsulated in one photo. WE ARE ALL JOE THE PLUMMER.

ID: 1252316

3. I literally hate people I’ve never met who misuse (or don’t use) apostrophes.

ID: 1252317

4. Sign in a gym.

ID: 1252314

5. Via Greece. I like “severious,” I wish it was a real world that meant “really serious.”

ID: 1252318

6. “…to accecpt (sic) the things I cannot change” — just fucking classic.

This was in yesterday’s “Irony” post, but it was too good not to include here, too.

ID: 1252313

7. The porn version of the movie “Life Is Beautiful”

ID: 1252319

8. Nothing worse than a massive public error.

ID: 1252321

9. Via a 2nd grader…not sure if girl or boy.

ID: 1252322

10. A common poo sign grammar mistake all across the world.

ID: 1252320

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