10 Smartest Ads In The World

From March. You’ve seen the dumbest. These are not those.

1. Max Shoes

Stunningly simple way to advertise shoes, but it works.
Via Switzerland.

ID: 1029231

2. Swiss Hemophilia Association

At the bottom of the back side of the page, the copy reads:
“For a hemophiliac this page is as dangerous as a razor blade.
Help those affected:”

ID: 1029217

3. Penguin Multi Surface Cleaner

Via Thailand.
“Filth Has Nowhere To Hide.”
Smart and fun and original for the category.

ID: 1029218

4. McDonald’s

I rarely like any McDonald’s ads.
This one is nice, though.

ID: 1029222

5. Seventh Moon Tattoo Shop

Via The Netherlands.

ID: 1029223

6. Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

In Los Angeles.
When you’re Daft Punk, this is all you have to do to promote an album.

ID: 1029225

7. Toronto Crime Stoppers Ball

Here’s the print ad from the campaign.

ID: 1029219

8. nanoblock

A series of cute little ambient ads placed on the streets.
See the rest of them here.

ID: 1029230

9. Fox Movies

“No commercial breaks.
Via Dubai.

ID: 1029232

10. New Zealand Weather Service (The Winner For March)

They turned a billboard into a real-time weather update.

ID: 1029211

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