10 More Unexpected Phallic Images

Penile visions, implanted everywhere.

1. Guy bought a corn dog. Go ahead, deny what it looks like.

ID: 1315220

2. “Dickers”

ID: 1315197

3. Via Denmark, it’s a statue honoring Hans Christian Andersen’s The Darning Needle.

ID: 1315200

4. Chocolate covered banana. This seems staged, but still….

ID: 1315208

5. Quote from redditor: “My husband says I’m “being immature” but I found this while gardening and couldn’t resist.”

ID: 1315214

6. The immature alternative to “WASH ME”

ID: 1315216
ID: 1315230

8. Yeah, I’m no longer thirsty, no thanks.

ID: 1315237

9. Yep, that’s where they put Winnie’s blow-up inflator.

ID: 1315223

10. Statue called: “One Riot, One Ranger” at Love Field in Dallas. Very awkward hand placement.

ID: 1315234

11. Want some more unwanted penis?

Go here, here, and here.

ID: 1315244

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