10 More Terrible Corporate Facebook Updates

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1. Krispy Kreme

Really? Sing along?
And share what?

ID: 829199

2. Renault

I bet you’re Dying.
Plus Renault seems to have a stolen an image from Toyota’s legendarily awful “We’ll Excite You” campaign which featured TV spots ending with freeze-frame shots of jumping morons.

ID: 829178

3. OCBC Bank

Heady relationship advice…
Just what you want from a bank…
A Malaysian bank that stole this image from a 2009 American ad.

ID: 829233

4. Ladbrokes

Nice, Ladbrokes, way to exploit racism to up that LIKES ticker.

ID: 829184

5. KLM

Flynt is the “first puppet CEO of KLM airlines.”
Condescending Corporate Brand Page reports that 58 idiots actually responded accordingly. So, what do we know?

ID: 829210

6. Dove

Because you’re too stupid to think of your own things, use our suggestions and build up our social media tote board count.

ID: 829248

7. Rekorderlig Cider


ID: 829261


Yes Diesel is currently doing this on Facebook to sell watches. Also, to gain valuable demo info on their “fans.” Just awful and pathetic.

ID: 829195

9. Swiffer

Ah, Swiffer.
A repeat offender.

ID: 829272

10. Dansko

And the winner!
Dankso posted this four (4) days after the Newtown massacre.

ID: 829282

All updates via the absolutely essential Condescending Corporate Brand Page. Follow them!!!!! Especially if you are a brand manager.

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ID: 829295

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