10 More Photos SIZZLING With Irony

It’s like a “no smoking” sign on your cigarette break in Hell.

1. “Welcome”

2. Just New York City subway lines, not a sex pain cave.

3. It’s ironic, because he is in fact in a good mood, faking to be in a bad mood.

4. Via Sandwich, MA. So, it’s ironic because the cop is, in fact, not investigating the Subway. Or, maybe he/she is?

5. This is ironic not because Jerry doesn’t receive head, but because his job is not to receive head.

6. This is ironic because traps are supposed to be a secret.

7. “Moustache rides,” not moustache rides = irony.

8. This is like…quadruple irony.

9. See, because their asses are, in fact, not bad, this is irony.

10. And, we’ll end with the most ironic photo ever snapped.

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