10 Creepiest Photos Found On Reddit This Week (SFW)

This is just regular creepy, none of the really f*©ked up stuff.

1. Korean translation: top right — “Die prettily”. Top left — “Until your very last moment, be pretty. Be confident”.

ID: 1264353

2. Sure thing, Mr. Policeman in a ONESIE.

ID: 1264310

3. Ooh — the kid’s bruise cream is reduced.

ID: 1264324

4. When EMT training gets boring.

ID: 1264340

5. Graduation celebration. Bad enough to have that name, worse to have that phrasing on your car.

ID: 1264362

6. I realize it’s college graduation season, but what kind of frat would have that many sex dolls?

ID: 1264378

7. So, this guy hands this note folded inside a dollar bill to a woman at a gas station, saying “you dropped a dollar.” He’s done it before. Check the reddit thread, linked below here.

ID: 1264436

8. “Palm” Trees

ID: 1264473

9. Cakes are the cure-all.

ID: 1264494

10. That’s not a mirror.

ID: 1264373

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