This Street Photographer’s Adorable Dog Portraits Will Make Your Day

Try not to squeal throughout this entire post.

Photographer Elias Weiss Friedman has created the four-legged version of The Sartorialist: The Dogist.

According to Friedman “Every dog deserves recognition, and sometimes a compelling photograph can get a dog out of a shelter, or inspire people to appreciate their dogs more.”

ID: 2494807

2. It all started with this dog in Vienna.

ID: 2494738

3. Since then The Dogist has been capturing pups all over the place.

ID: 2494653

4. The super curious ones:

ID: 2494645
ID: 2494711

6. And the ones that take perfect portraits:

ID: 2494709
ID: 2494714

8. The absolutely adorable:

ID: 2494651
ID: 2494655

10. And the out-of-this-world furry:

ID: 2494657
ID: 2494662

12. Some are grateful for the photos:

ID: 2494660

13. Others seem to be defensive about them:

ID: 2494679

14. Others like to show off their new booties:

ID: 2494665
ID: 2494768

16. And a lot of them get caught playing in the snow:

ID: 2494667
ID: 2494686
ID: 2494710

19. Their fashion sense is impeccable:

ID: 2494674
ID: 2494671
ID: 2494680
ID: 2494727
ID: 2494730
ID: 2494724

25. But some are caught with the dreaded cone of shame…

ID: 2494702

26. Young…

ID: 2494772

27. Or old…

ID: 2494722

28. Big…

ID: 2494776

29. Or small…

ID: 2494778

30. They are ALL adorable!!!

ID: 2494780

31. Check out more dogs on The Dogist’s Instagram and Facebook Page.

ID: 2494784

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