This Is What Happens When You Ask People To Draw South America From Memory

Also, it must be said that some of these people are South Americans themselves. SMH!

1. Some people did pretty well…


Although Brazil looks like it has an exploding stomach, but whatevs.

2. Can we all move to the country <3 <3 <3?


3. Vuvuzelas hasn’t been a thing since 2010, but thanks for playing.


4. And I’m pretty sure this person forgot something, no?


5. Aruba? Jamaica? Wrong.


6. I’m pretty sure “Other Wonderful Places” isn’t a country in South America. Sorry.


But bonus points for the smiley faces.

7. A+ for effort.



8. OK, we get it, you know your geography, Mr. Show-Off.


9. It’s quite sad that the country “More Brazil” doesn’t actually exist.


And Peru looks like it went on a diet.

10. Let’s hope this person misunderstood the game’s directions.

11. This person gets points for all the detail in Brazil, but still… NO!

12. This one looks like the whole continent is cinched at the waist.

13. *You tried*

Why are so many countries all of the sudden in Central America?

14. Can you do any better? Draw South America from memory and share below!

Remember: No cheating!

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