17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shakira

After you finish reading this you’ll love her even more. For real.

Oh, hi there, this is Shakira.

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1. Shakira is Arabic for “grateful” or “full of grace.”

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Her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll.

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2. She has had crazy moves since the beginning of her career:

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3. Pies Descalzos was her third album, which catapulted her to fame in Latin America.

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4. She was engaged to Antonio de la Rua, son of the then-president of Argentina.

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5. He even starred in her video for “Underneath Your Clothes.”

This caused an uproar with her Argentine fans since De La Rua’s father had just resigned from presidency when this video first aired.

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6. She’s seriously multilingual and a genius (for real!).

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Her IQ is 140 and she speaks Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese fluently.

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7. She can rock any hairstyle. LITERALLY, any.

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8. Donde Estan los Ladrones? is titled after her suitcases were stolen with all the songs of the album in it.

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9. Her Lebanese grandmother taught her how to belly dance.

And now we all know her hips can’t and won’t lie.

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10. Her confidence is outstanding: “My brain, I believe, is the most beautiful part of my body.”

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11. She performs barefoot at most of her concerts.

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12. She’s a HUGE fan of Bollywood movies and music.

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So much so that she has incorporated some moves to her performances.

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13. In 2010 she was awarded a medal by the U.N. International Labor Organization for her work with children.

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14. She has 28 Billboard Latin Music Awards, amongst so many other awards…28!!!

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Including five MTV Video Music Awards, two Grammy Awards, eight Latin Grammy Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards and has been Golden Globe-nominated.

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15. Her collaborations are always jaw-dropping.

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16. She was three months pregnant with her son Milan when she recorded her last studio album.

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17. Her Instagram is a compilation of the most adorable moments:

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*Slow clap*

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