15 Things You Need To Know About Chile’s World Cup Team

Who knows, maybe this year they’ll get somewhere… CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE!

1. This is what their jersey looks like:

ID: 2959122

2. The country is located in South America and they speak Spanish:

ID: 2959140

3. This is how fans support the team:

ID: 2959197

4. And they usually look like this at the games:

Stuart Franklin / Getty Images
ID: 2959215

5. Their first World Cup appearance was in 1930:

ID: 2959314

6. And since then they’ve been in 9 of them:

ID: 2959322

7. They hosted once in 1962:

ID: 2959270

8. But they have never won a Cup:

But maybe this time around…?

ID: 2959271

9. This is their best player ever:

Marcelo Salas.

ID: 2959464

10. This is their current coach: Jorge Sampaoli.

Eddie Keogh / Reuters
ID: 2959387

11. This year they are part of Group B:

ID: 2959338

12. Meet Alexis Sanchez, the star of the team:

Albert Gea / Reuters
ID: 2962791

13. But you should also keep an eye on this dude:

Alessandro Garofalo / Reuters

Arturo Vidal.

ID: 2962880

(He almost didn’t make it in time after an injury).

vaaamooss que llegamos!!! gracias a todos por el apoyo!!!

— Arturo Vidal (@kingarturo23)
ID: 2963193

14. Their classic rival is Brazil.

Dave Sandford / Getty Images
ID: 2959531

15. Their chances of winning this year:

ID: 2959362

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