24 Things On Etsy To Prepare Yourself For The World Cup

Who’s ready for the World Cup? WE ARE!

1. You can opt for a classic t-shirt.

ID: 2901660

2. Need help following the games? Here’s an easy-to-follow bracket.

ID: 2901676

3. Similarly you can keep track of your team’s group on your shirt.

ID: 2901941

4. If you don’t have a favorite team you can always opt for a commemorative cap.

ID: 2901737

5. If you’re trying to be subtle you can opt for a phone case.

ID: 2901816

6. A bracelet that works as a hair tie, how very practical!

ID: 2901647

7. Here’s a patriotic way to carry your computer around town.

ID: 2901798

8. Or you could get some yarn in the colors of your favorite team and make something yourself.

ID: 2901725

9. Your baby can be part of the soccer mania with this pacifier clip.

ID: 2901778

10. Or go full on and dress your baby with your flag.

ID: 2901783

11. Don’t have a child? No problem, even pets can cheer!

ID: 2901803

12. You can carry your fandom with your keys.

ID: 2901920

13. Even if you have a very serious business meeting you can still support your team.

ID: 2901955

14. You can also be cool, nerdy and different with this lego pendant.

ID: 2901969

15. What time is it? TIME TO WATCH THE GAME.

ID: 2902053

16. Or add a girly touch.

ID: 2901830

17. It’s ALWAYS the season for awesome nail art.

ID: 2901694

18. No, really.

ID: 2901930

19. You could also decorate your room!

ID: 2901945

20. You could go full on latex!

ID: 2901916

21. You can also go more neutral and just cheer for one specific player.

ID: 2901902

22. Show off your pride at the beach.

ID: 2902081

23. Tutu anyone?

ID: 2901966

24. The ‘Keep Calm…’ saga never ends.

ID: 2902043

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