33 Things Only Colombians Will Understand

From Santa Marta to Leticia, the feeling is unique.

1. Everyone was part of this at some point in their lives…

ID: 2031883

2. And this too:

ID: 2031872

3. Correcting foreigners on how to spell is an everyday thing…

ID: 2031890

4. Any reason is good enough for a party.

ID: 2031873

5. And obviously all parties include this bad boy.

ID: 2031874

6. There’s nothing better than your food.

ID: 2031877

7. Especially some of this to cure a hangover.

This is ‘caldito de costilla’.

ID: 2031899

8. No one will ever forget this soccer match:

ID: 2031878

9. And this is how you feel when someone makes a cocaine related joke.

ID: 2031880

10. You absolutely love him:

ID: 2031893

11. But when it comes to her, love comes and goes…

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Rocker Shakira was ten times better than blonde Shakira.

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12. When young - and sometimes not so young - this hairdo was the summer hit:

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13. Buying cellphone minutes on the street is super common:

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14. You give directions like this:

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15. You’ll stop whatever you’re doing to watch your soccer team play.

ID: 2031914

16. You can shop on any corner…

ID: 2031884

17. Especially when stuck in one of these:

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18. The cities are beautiful.

ID: 2031906

19. Driving under this means you’re almost there.

ID: 2031886

20. And nothing can compare to your beaches.

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21. You say “regálame” (gift me) all the time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean this:

ID: 2031887

22. Women are perfect.

Jeff Vespa / WireImage
ID: 2031888

23. And since we’re talking about Sofia Vergara, who can forget this commercial?

ID: 2031889

24. The men are also hot.

Jemal Countess / Getty Images
ID: 2031908

25. This will make your mouths water.

ID: 2031891

26. There’s no better coffee than yours…

ID: 2031882

Only you understand that these animals don’t mean the obvious…

ID: 2031894

27. Camel = Work.


ID: 2031895

28. ‘Doing the cow’ = asking for money.

“Hagamos la vaca”

ID: 2031896

29. “To do the rabbit” = leave without paying.

“Hacer conejo”

ID: 2031897

30. Female wolf = Tacky woman who usually dresses in animal print and abuses golden accessories.


ID: 2031898

31. There’s a past you’d like to forget.

ID: 2031913

32. But know that together you are stronger:

ID: 2031909

33. Especially when it comes to giving them some hope…

ID: 2031912

You can read the Spanish version here.

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