25 Reasons You Should Be In Spain Right Now

What are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and go!

Welcome to Spain:

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1. Spaniards have the most fantastic food:

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2. No, really, check out this magnificent ham:

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3. And although some dishes look kind of weird, they’re incredibly delicious.

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4. Their sweets are finger-licking good:

Like this Santiago cake.

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5. The claras were invented there and they deserve to be drank all year long.

Beer + Sprite = perfection.

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6. And they were the ones that invented the concept of tapas that you love so much.

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7. The wine from Ribera del Duero is one of the best in the world…



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8. Speaking of the best… the best restaurant in the world — elBulli — was in Spain.

Matthew Lloyd / Getty Images for Somerset House
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9. And also the oldest one, founded in 1725…

We present you Casa Botín.

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10. Spain has the two best cities in the world:


Alex Segre/Alex Segre


Although the rivalry between those who prefer Barcelona versus those who prefer Madrid will never end.

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11. But it also has fantastic beaches…


Like Ibiza.

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12. Magical cities next to the water…


Like Marbella.

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13. Impressive mosques…




Like this one in Córdoba.

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14. And cathedrals that will leave you breathless…




Like La Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi.

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15. If you’re looking for thrilling experiences you will for sure find them…

Joseba Etxaburu / Reuters

San Fermín.

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16. Really…


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17. Although if you’re looking for something fun to do without so much adrenaline, you’ll find that too:

David Ramos / Getty Images

La Tomatina festival will leave you covered in tomatoes!

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18. And if you are into traditional entertainment you’ll be able to watch the best soccer teams play against each other:

Paul Hanna / Reuters
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19. Oh… and the accent… OMG.


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20. Men are incredibly good-looking:

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Rob Gauthier/Los Angeles Times / MCT

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21. And so are the women:

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Mike Marsland / WireImage

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22. There’s nothing more passional than flamenco:

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23. Spaniards have the best art in the world:

Juan Medina / Reuters
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24. And well…Almodovar <3

Juan Medina / Reuters / Reuters
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25. But the best part is: Naps are a religion, and we all know that’s the highlight of any day.

Image taken by Mayte Torres/Image taken by Mayte Torres
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