11 Reasons You Should Be Cheering For Colombia During The World Cup

Will they make a historic 5-0 match this time around? We sure hope so.

1. Their jersey looks better than ever.

2. If you like SERIOUS partying you should be hanging out with the Colombian fans.




3. They might need some help cheering in Brazil.

4. They’ve been in five World Cups already, so they know drill.

Shaun Botterill / Getty Images

5. … But never made it past the round of 16.

AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan

6. Historically the team has the best hairstyles.

David Cannon / Getty Images

David Cannon / Getty Images


7. The team suffered a bit when they found out their star Radamel Falcao would miss the World Cup due to injury.

Javier Casella / Reuters

8. But Teo Gutierrez is there to show off some moves and score some goals.

9. He does things like this, so keep your eyes WIDE OPEN.

10. Their coach is Jose Pekerman who also trained the Argentine team.

Mario Valdez / Reuters

He’s got experience in both coaching and playing soccer.

11. Their chances of winning this year:

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