25 People Who Had A Million Dollar Idea

Some are great, some need some rethinking, others are a plain “no way”. If you need some inspiration for your million dollar idea, you can find more on Twitter.

1. That wouldn’t be comfortable, now would it?

2. Ummm, why would you want to eat it in the first place?

3. Maybe…

4. Ok, you got me hooked.

5. The #foreveralone email account.

6. You could match it to your bathroom wall, carpet, and… other things.

So my last tweet is actually a million dollar idea. Different colored toilet paper. #COPYRIGHT

— adriae16 (@Adrianne Ellerbroek)

7. YES! Gold mine!

Million dollar idea: A birth control pill holder that has an alarm that sounds like a screaming baby whenever you forget to take your pill.

— christinawilder (@christinawilder)

8. Not too convincing, but ok.

Million dollar idea. A bar called "Outlet". Drinks cost double but everybody gets a place to charge their phone.

— ChrisCubas (@Chris Cubas)


Million dollar idea: WiFi bracelets so you can wear them and have internet connection anywhere.

— ChildhoodFacts (@Kids Probs ʕ•̬͡•ʔ)


Million dollar idea: Toddler Tape Millions of uses, including: -Keeping their mouth shut -Keeping hands to themselves -Keeping them in bed

— QwertyJones3 (@Qwerty Jones)

11. Yeah, no, not even a one million dollar one.

fifty million dollar idea: Gwen Stefani singing Nine Inch Nail covers in a 3 year Vegas contract

— 1984jpeg (@dylan sage)

12. Can I invest on this one?

Million-dollar idea: An airline that loses your emotional baggage.

— gneicco (@Dave)

13. Out of all the options in the world, why Tweety?

Million dollar idea: condoms that have random temporary tattoos on the inside. like you'd roll them off and find tweety bird on your dick.

— ImLeslieChow (@Leslie Chow)

14. Euuuuugh.

Million dollar idea: a laptop that is charged by masturbating.

— kumailn (@Kumail Nanjiani)

15. I see what you did there ¬¬

I have a million dollar idea that I will explain to the first million people that send me a dollar.

— IAmSpencerKane (@Spencer Kane)

16. How very meta of you.

I want a site that lets you review Yelp reviews. This is my million dollar idea.

— alixmcalpine (@alix)

17. Sold.

Million dollar idea: Ice cream trucks but for alcohol.

— FillWerrel (@Will Ferrell Parody)

18. Again, sold.

Million Dollar Idea: Breakfast place that only serves cold, leftover pizza and coffee. Get at me, Venture Capitalists.

— mrtruthandsoul (@Truth y Frijoles)

19. Can it post straight to Instagram too?

A Million Dollar idea: A bathroom mirror that takes pictures, women would love it.

— OhMrWonka (@Condescending Wonka)

20. :(

If I had a dollar for every time I've had a million dollar idea, I'd have (does quick mental calculation) zero dollars.

— tejucole (@Teju Cole)

21. Not coming over for drinks, dude. Nope.

Million dollar idea: something that lets you create an ice cube mold out of your junk, so you can have your own ice dickle.

— wilw (@Wil Wheaton)

22. No more low bat. EVER.

Million dollar idea: smartphones that don't run on batteries but rather the energy generated by human anxiety

— ariscott (@Ari Scott)

23. Dream come true.

would anyone like to fund my million dollar idea: guitar case suitcases so you can look cool at the airport. thanks.

— morgan_murphy (@Morgan Murphy)

24. ILU!

Million Dollar Idea: Teach pugs to DJ, create a new genre of music...pugstep.

— PaulyPeligroso (@Pauly Casillas)

25. Ugh, yes.

MILLION DOLLAR IDEA: An alarm clock that sounds like a dog's pre-puke warning grunts.

— daemonic3 (@Terry F)

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