Meet The Hottest Gynecologist Ever

So…where can I book my appointment?

1. Meet Manuel Rico:

ID: 2068148

2. He’s 24 and lives in Concepción, Chile.

Originally he’s from Spain.

ID: 2068158

3. He’s also finishing his practice as OB-GYN…

According to the local press, women are standing in line to be checked by Rico.

ID: 2068159

4. He also happens to be the 2010 Spanish Beauty King.

However, he does not want to focus on his past but rather continue his practice as a doctor.

ID: 2068231

5. Would you not stand in line for him?

Yeah, you would.

ID: 2068161

6. He is the REAL Dr. McDreamy.

ID: 2068163

7. *DROOL*

ID: 2068198

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