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  • Twitter Reacts To The Recent Charlie Sheen News

    There are many mixed feelings all throughout

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  • 10 Perfect Treats For Anyone Who Loves Hot Chocolate

    Get your chocolate on with these fun and unique twists on a warm cup of cocoa!

  • 5 Ways Stars Are Just Like Us!

    We have more in common with those big, luminous, celestial objects in the sky than you might think!

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  • 25 Songs Guys Secretly Love But Won't Admit It (2015 Edition)

    "FOCUS ON M- I mean...You used to call me on my cellphone"

  • Who Is Woody Allen's Best Leading Actress?

    They were all Oscar winners' worthy, but who is the best of them all?

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    Which Character From "No. 6" Are You?

    You won't bee-lieve the results.

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    What Gift Should Every Runner Get For Christmas?

    "Jogging is the worst! I know it keeps you healthy, but god, at what cost?” –Parks and Recreation

  • The ABCs According To "Law And Order: SVU"

    O is for Olivia, the most badass detective of all time.

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  • 16 Amazing Ways To Eat Butternut Squash


  • 17 Cookie Inspired Alternatives For Your Holiday Cookie Exchange

    Stand out from the crowd with these yummy ideas.

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    How Do You Keep The Romance Alive After Kids?

    Diaper changes, Common Core homework, and... magic?

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    Which Of Peter Pan's Lost Boys Are You?

    ♫ Following the leader, the leader, the leader... ♫

  • Problems Every Lesbian Thespian Know

    "I leapt out of the closet."

  • 13 Hello Songs You Need To Hear

    Love Adele's new song Hello? Here are 12 other Hello songs you should have in your life.

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  • How Good Is Your Memory Actually?

    How does your memory compare to the rest of the world. Rules: Have your answer in under 30 seconds, or click no.

  • 6 November Books That Will Inspire You To Travel The World

    Feeling the tug of wanderlust? Dazzled by adventures that lie beyond the horizon? Take a trip through the skies and across oceans in these dazzling stories of love, survival, and discovery.

  • Viva España!

    Spain Facebook Like button.

  • James Bond Theme Songs Worst To Best

    James Bond is known for having a winning formula. One of the many parts to that formula is the opening theme song. Every songs has it's own style while trying to translate the main character either from a different view point or via the story telling related to the movie using a different style. Sometimes the blend is flawless. Sometimes it becomes a little contrived. And other times, it just plain does not work. However, as is all ranking lists, what falls as best and worst relies solely on the tastes and preferences of the individual. As a long time Bond fan, I always get nervous when it comes to the music. Why? Because most music I do not like. I am a rock'n'roll fan...and that's pretty much it. When it comes to choosing musicians or singers to helm the main Bond theme, I don't want the filmmakers to pick someone that I cant stand to listen to, such as Adele (don't hate me yet). But when they choose someone that I think can capture the feeling of Bond, I get hopeful. When they pick an artist rooted in Rock, I get excited. So how would this long time Bond superfan rank all of the Bond theme songs? Well, I'm sure the top two answers should not be a surprise...but all of the other 22 entries will more than likely vary from most lists. Let's start with what is the worst in the franchise.

  • 13 Perfect Gifts Your Naughty Friends Will Appreciate

    Because friends don't give friends coal!

  • 21 Secrets People Who Hate Having Sex Won't Tell You

    Because some of us absolutely despise being physically touched.

  • 29 Times "2 Broke Girls" Got Too Real

    "I don't have a future!"

  • 19 Amazing Bowls Of Soup Guaranteed To Rock Your World

    It's time to get yourself all souped up!

  • Middle-Schoolers React To The Paris Attacks

    "It makes me not want to go to public places"