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  • Are You More Kylie Jenner Or Angela Merkel?

    Are you more like the youngest member of the Kardashian Klan or German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

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  • Who's Your Vampire Diaries Boyfriend?

    We'd take them all, but you can only have one.

  • When The Texas Governor Bans Refugees, Texans Stand Up To Welcome Them

    Hundreds gathered in Austin, Texas to protest Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on his decision to ban Syrian refugees fleeing war from entering the Lone Star State.

  • 59 Reasons You Should Probably Answer That Call From Adele

    If she's called a thousand times, that shit's gotta be important.

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    Which Blues Brother Are You?

    ♫ I'm a soul man... ♫

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    Tell Us What Tiny But Wonderful Things You Are So Thankful For This Year

    Whether it's all-day breakfast, the new Hunger Games, Facebook letting you hide your ex, or something else entirely.

  • Gift Guide: Fangirls

    Do you know any fangirls? Of course you do! And of course you need some fitting stocking fillers, which is why this guide is made for you.

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    Which Doctor From "Grey's Anatomy" Would Save Your Life?

    "It's a beautiful day to save lives." [WARNING: Spoilers.]

  • 24 Awesome Gifts That'll Smash The Patriarchy

    ♫ I really can't stay baby it's cold outside. I've got to go away... baby it's cold outside. No! I said "NO." I'm leaving right after I spike my eggnog with your white male tears.♫

  • 23 Seriously Inspiring Books That'll Help You Manage Your Anxiety

    "We believe in acknowledging fear and the extent to which it rules us." — Divergent

  • 23 Times Jenny Slate Spoke Your Truth

    Jenny Slate (Marcel the Shell, Parks & Rec, Obvious Child, and so much more) is a sweet and powerful cartoon mouse sent to our planet by the light that made us all. Here are 23 times that she tapped into her beautiful brain and shouted out what she found.

  • Favorite Types Of Soda

    Please answer the following questions on your favorite types of soda.

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    Looking for a jaw dropping trifle? Look no further! Here's a selection of the best trifles fit for a celebration!

  • 7 Of The Most Annoying Things You Will See At A Dance Music Festival

    If you use, do, are or wear any of these things you should really take a long, hard look at yourself

  • I Listened To ADELE's New Album "25" 25 Times

    After 5 long years, our beloved ADELE has finally belted out another heart-wrenching album that we can listen to alone in a dark room and miss people we haven't even mt yet. I decided to inflict pain upon myself and listen to this album 25 times in row. This way, I got to get a sense of what my homegirl has gone through since "21." So I queued up my iTune music library and hit play. The results were emotionally exhausting in the best possible way.

  • 10 DIY Turkey Inspired Nails That Will Make You Gobble For Joy

    Nail that mani for the holiday season!

  • John Candy-"Cane": John Candy Is The Ultimate Holiday Man.

    There's a little "John Candy" In All of Us This Holiday Season.

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  • What Should You Get Your Friend For Christmas?

    Wrap up the Christmas present hunting with this helpful quiz

  • Are You Ready To See Finding Dory?

    Just Keep On Swimming To Find Out If You Know The Basics Of Finding Nemo

  • Must Make Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    Classic and creative side dishes for a tasty holiday meal!