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  • What I Don’t Miss About Being Thin

    I have a confession to make. Promise you won’t hate me? I lose weight when I’m breastfeeding. After Baby #3 was born, the weight started to fall off. I decided to work with it this time and lost several pounds more. And for the first time since the poor-student days of university, I was skinny. When we moved into this house 7 years ago, I was 99 lbs. For real. Of course, I’m also 4’11”, so take that for what it’s worth. What I Don’t Miss About Being Thin Since then, I’ve gained a few pounds. Okay, maybe more than a few. There were a lot of advantages to being thin, and I do hope to get back to within 15 lbs of that again one day, but for now I’m not missing it. I don’t miss spending 30 minutes twice each weekday on the exercise bike. Or the 20 minutes of pilates. All in addition to the 1-2 hour walks with the kids each day. I don’t miss seeing the calorie count of every food hovering above it in my mind’s eye, before ever deciding to take a bite. I don’t miss people constantly telling me to eat. I always had to say “no thank you” because that serving of wonderful, fresh, fruity salad they were offering me was the equivalent of my full day’s calorie budget. I don’t miss never eating bagels or muffins. I don’t miss being able to feel the inner workings of my gut from the outside. I don’t miss being obsessed with what I was eating and whether I would burn it off that day. I do miss being able to fit into anything and not being self-conscious in a bathing suit. That really is a great feeling. But there’s more to life, and right now there just isn’t time to work on losing the number of pounds I want to and maintaining it. That doesn’t mean I’m not exercising or *trying* to eat well. It just means I’m not focusing on being skinny right now. Because there’s more to life than what the scale says.

    meganelford 3 days ago respond

  • 5 Things I Don’t Let My Kids Do

    … just because parenting is a sacrificial act of love and service, it doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice our sanity. All around the internet I see parents complaining about things like not have a moment’s peace, even in the bathroom, or having to make four different meals at supper time because of picky eaters. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’re meant to be parents, not doormats.

    meganelford 3 days ago respond

  • Laz’s GOT Recap - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

    Obligatory mention of how long the GOT intro is? It’s super friggan long……..CHECK………do I have my beer?……..check………unnecessary reminder/recap of what happened last week? (I mean we all either watched or read my last recap let’s get real here Thrones)……..CHECKKKKK Game time, let’s do this.

    King Laz 3 days ago respond

  • ftw

    Signs BuzzFeed Is Taking Over Your Life

    The glow from my iPad illuminates the Doritos residue on my fingertips as I sit crouched in a dark corner, and, like most graduating college students, desperately trying to figure out my post-college life. But rather than sitting at a grungy library table, studying for an exam, I’m sitting in an Air BnB in Lisbon, Portugal because a Buzzfeed quiz told me to live here.

    qwestern 3 days ago respond