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  • halloween

    Which "Halloweentown" Creature Are You?

    Being normal is vastly overrated.

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    How Do You Make Friends As An Adult?

    Seriously, friends don't just grow on trees.

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  • 18 Photos That Prove Blue Lipstick Is The Best Lipstick

    ♫ I'm blue da ba dee da ba die ♫

  • Who Said It: "A" Or Gossip Girl?

    Got a secret, can you keep it? xoxo, Gossip Girl

  • 10 Cozy Fall Recipes That Will Warm You Right Up

    It's like your favorite fall sweater, in food form.

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    What's Your Weird Phobia?

    Phobia? More like foe-bia.

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    Can You Name These "Great British Bake Off" Winners?

    And the winner is... [Spoilers, obviously.]

  • Michonne Can't Get No Love

    Let's have a moment of silence for our loveless beauty Michonne from "The Walking Dead". Bow your heads, close your eyes...and read this post.

  • 11 Ways I've Found Beauty In The Midst Of Suffering

    Gastroparesis makes it so that my digestion system is paralyzed. I’m not able to eat because of it and I endure pain and nausea every day thanks to it. Sure it’s rough dealing with all that. I mean it’s basically like I have the stomach flu all day. You know where your body is aching for relief, where your stomach is twisted in knots of pain. Then when you attempt to eat or drink you feel even worse. You vomit until there is nothing left in your stomach and then you wait for it to happen all over again at the next meal. That’s what my every day is like. So for sure gastroparesis has dealt me a rough hand in life. There’s no doubt about that. I know a lot of people look at my hand and think that it’s a losing hand, but I look at it as a royal flush. The best hand of all. Because in the midst of the suffering there is great beauty. A beauty that can be found in any type of suffering, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological suffering. A beauty that turns the cards, which have been dealt to me, from the worst hand to the best hand.

  • Share Your Favorite Homecoming Memory

    Whether or not you’re a fan of sports, homecoming is always a highlight of the fall semester on both college and high school campuses.

  • What's Is Your Favorite Disney Movie

    So many Disney movies to choose from so make it count.

  • 10 Ways That Once Upon A Time Describes Your Senioritis

    Your happy ending is SO close...or is it?

  • What’s Your Group Karaoke Jam?

    Group karaoke > Solo karaoke.

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    What's Your Favorite Halloween-Themed TV Episode?

    Television during the holidays always makes for incredibly memorable episodes.

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    Which Disney Villain Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the evilest of them all?

  • Are You A Leslie Knope Or An April Ludgate?

    Find out who is your inner Parks & Rec strong, beautiful, sophisticated angelfish lady.

  • The Neptunes Probably Produced Your Favorite Song Of The '00s

    The revolutionary production duo behind 20 massive hits of the 2000s.

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  • trending

    17 People Who Really Fucking Blew It

    "I was 16 and drank most of a $10,000 bottle of scotch that was my friend’s dad’s retirement gift."

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  • 16 Times Selena Gomez & Her Food Gave You Relationship Goals

    ?I love you like an In-N-Out burger, baby?