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  • Here Are Your Favorite Songs Like You've Never Heard Them Before

    The multi-recognized cover band is skyrocketing itself to fame, one song at a time.

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    Did You Adopt A Pet This Year?

    More specifically, did you find your best friend?

  • A Guy Sent 240 Donuts To College Police After Being Kicked Out Of Football Game

    "Donuts are awesome, but coconut donuts are not so awesome."

  • 5 Ways To Improvise At Your Thanksgiving Dinner

    You're hosting Thanksgiving at your home, the turkey hasn't thawed completely, you forgot the stuffing, the pumpkin pie has burnt, and your in-laws will be there any minute. What do you do? The cast of FST Improv shares 5 tips on how to improvise at your holiday gathering.

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    Can You See This BuzzFeed Post?

    Is BuzzFeed ~blocked~ at your school or office? If so, then this is for you.

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    What's The Absolute Best Song From Adele's "25"?

    Put differently, which song wrenches your heart the most and makes you wish you weren't alone in a house full of cats?

  • 5 Healthy Cookbooks To Get You Through The Holidays

    Instead of waiting for the New Year, plan ahead and pick up these five books featuring healthy and flavorful recipes you will be happy to indulge in this holiday season.

  • Best Black Friday Deals For Music Lovers 2015

    Are you a music lover? Do you find your desired gadgets out of your budget? This is your chance to get your favorite music players, headphones and just about anything related to music at really affordable rates, thanks to the Black Friday Deals. Don’t wait too long or else the offer will expire and you will have to wait for a year before you can get your hand on such deals again.

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  • 21 Insanely Yummy Healthy Soups For After The Big Feast

    Get unstuffed after being stuffed!


    YouTube has become of the most helpful tools out there on the world wide web in reaching young LGBT people. We all know how isolating it can be when you are a young LGBT person, whether you are out of the closet or not. But to be able to access these YouTube vlogging channels from the safety of your own home, has meant that young LGBT folks can find comfort and even a sense of community through following the lives of these creators. We tune in every day in our millions. And so we thought, we would showcase some of the best channels out there today! Don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe! *wink emoji*

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  • The 14 Most Hilarious #ThanksgivingClapBack Tweets

    It's just not Thanksgiving without a little family sarcasm.

  • Behold, Marvel Fans! The Awesome Captain America: Civil War Trailer Is Here!

    The trailer for one of Marvel's biggest cinematic events is here, and it is as epic as you think it is. (You can watch the trailer below.)

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    Who Is Your Dad Actually?

    The father of all questions.

  • 32 Times Lady Gaga Slayed The Shit Out Of Us On Instagram

    Reminder: We are all just peasants worshipping at the altar of Gaga.

  • What Are You Really Thankful For This Thanksgiving

    Because saying "umm... nothing?" only works two years in a row.

  • Which "Hello" Spoof Are You?

    Adele-ctable quiz.

  • 9 Ways To Make Sure Thanksgiving Doesn't Suck

    You only have one job so do it right!

  • 14 Reasons To Love Trevor Noah

    The funny man has big shoes to fill as Jon Stewart's replacement, but there are numerous reasons why Trevor Noah is quickly winning the hearts of America.

  • Can You Name The Ariana Grande Music Video By A Screencap?

    Ariana Grande doesn't have a long lost of music videos, but a lot of them run the same vibe. Can you tell them apart? Good luck Arianators!