10 Signs Your Bromance Is On The Rocks

The bro code is a sacred bond shared between bros, one which must be held above all else. However, that doesn’t mean that bros don’t go through some tough times every once in a while. Here are some warning signs to watch for if you feel that your bromance might be going through a rough patch. For some solutions, check out Common Law premiering on Friday, May 11 at 10pm only on USA.

1. He joins a book club

2. He doesn’t invite you out to Chipotle with the guys

3. He misses your high-five

4. He “doesn’t have time” to give you any bro-vice, so you resort to Yahoo! Answers

5. Doesn’t invite you to wing night

6. He gets too drunk to deliver a toast at your wedding

7. He can’t remember your favorite scene from “Die Hard”

8. He went with another bro to see the Dave Matthew’s Band show

9. Breaks the no. 1 rule in the Bro Code and goes for the girl you’re into

10. He drops you when you’re trying to do a keg stand

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