The Best Spoilers From Roseanne’s Roast

The Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne taped last weekend, and attendees wouldn’t stop tweeting the most despicable, hilarious things during the show. You can get in on the action by sending your own #RoseanneRoast tweets during the mother of all roasts, the Roast of Roseanne this Sunday at 10/9c on Comedy Central.

@ChelseaVPeretti and @natashaleggero are embarrassing me at the #roseanneroast and it hasn't even started yet.

— kylekinane (@Kyle Kinane)

Oh man. I think @realjeffreyross is my new hero. He just powned the shit out of everyone here. #RoseanneRoast

— ClareGrant (@clare grant)

Jeffrey Ross is a genius- Jeff I support you pushing the envelope to include PEDOS as the punchline-#itsabouttime #letsroll #jeffrosspatriot

— TheRealRoseanne (@Roseanne Barr)

The Roseanne Roast was like Iran. We negotiated a peace treaty but there was still a nut in charge and a bunch of nuclear fuel lying around.

— TomArnold (@Tom Arnold)

.@SethGreen lets everyone know how he feels about @realjeffreyross in this sneak peek of the #RoseanneRoast:

— ComedyCentral (@Comedy Central)

"I just want to say, Roseanne, you were my Johnny Carson." -Tom Arnold #roseanneroast

— HuffPostComedy (@HuffPostComedy)

Carrie Fisher to Wayne Brady:"You're so white I tried to snort you backstage." #roseanneroast @poptimal

— mattdegroot (@Matt DeGroot)

In this #RoseanneRoast sneak peek, @AnthonyJeselnik admires the way his friend @RealJeffreyRoss dressed for the roast.

— ComedyCentral (@Comedy Central)

Nothing new....@TomArnold is riding on the shirt tales of Roseanne's fame..for a buck. Literally, $1. It's all he's worth. #roseanneroast

— MadLew (@Jenn)

@janemarielynch Volcanoes are Big, Loud, Dangerous & Explosive, maybe Roseanne moved to Hawaii to blend in #RoseanneRoast

— david_arnott (@David Arnott)

@janemarielynch Can't believe @ComedyCentral found someone even taller & gayer than @SethMacFarlane to host a roast! #RoseanneRoast

— thedailyroast (@Ron Dickles)

"Carrie, make yourself feel at home. Chain yourself to Roseanne's chair." #RoseanneRoast #JeffRoss

— FreddiePhysical (@Don Smiley)

Roseanne is more man than like the last dozen fools the friars roasted. Looking forward to sunday's debauchery. #RoseanneRoast

— BrickExpose (@BÉUrbanMedia.Bernard)

Usually when I roast a pig, it has an apple in its mouth... #roseanneroast

— _tdome (@Tyler Domenico)

The #RoseanneRoast is only going to be funny Bc if you really did roast her you would end world hunger

— Lala_the_3rd (@POLICE CHIEF)

@JaneMarieLynch real stoked #RoseanneRoast is comin up.. I'm thinkin big romp. Honeyglazed or not she can eat it! ;^)

— KJLL_R (@Kjell A. Ramfjord)

...Princess Leia flipping people off or finally seeing what the wife in Married with Children looks like without the red wig #RoseanneRoast

— aclaessen (@Anna Claessen)

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