14 Problems With Being Young And Broke In NYC

Anyone who’s lived there knows it’s not always easy to get by in that most temperamental of places—New York City. Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana’s struggles (namely, having no money, no plan, and no luck), are no different. Here are 14 of their top #broadcityproblems for your commiserating pleasure. And make sure to catch new episodes of Broad City Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c after Workaholics.

1. Dealing with super creepy locksmiths

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2. Having to steal beauty products from the gym

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3. Accidentally offending a homeless person

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4. Accidentally being homeless for a minute yourself

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5. Losing your keys and realizing hours later they were in your bra the whole time

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6. Feeling embarrassed about your lame job

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7. Having to deal with f**king package windows (and inevitably missing the window by like, 10 minutes)

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8. Suddenly finding yourself alone in a deserted subway car

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9. Trying and failing to get medications for yourself—from your vet

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10. Paying for booze with your change bowl

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11. Returning stolen office supplies when you’re that desperate for cash

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12. Dealing with your roommate’s boyfriend’s hair

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13. Bombing your attempt to act smooth around your hot neighbor

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14. Having to clean a Craigslist creeper’s apartment in your underwear to afford your night out

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