21 Awesome Things That You Can Do Because You’re An Adult

Here’s something they don’t tell you when you’re a kid- Being an adult rocks! And the dudes from Workaholics definitely know how to have a good time. Check out their antics on Comedy Central with all new episodes on Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Hey, guess what? You’re an adult.

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And that means you can pretty much do whatever you want…

(Within reason, buddy!)

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1. You can eat junk food for breakfast…

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2. And you don’t have to finish all of your vegetables.

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3. Hell, you could even eat pizza all day, every day if you wanted.

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4. And LAY IN YOUR BED while you gorge.

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5. Halloween can be any day.

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6. Look. You’re an adult. You can listen to Blink 182 if you want.

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7. And if you feel like it, wear your pajamas all day!

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8. Have a job? With benefits? Congratulations! That means you can basically buy all those toys you wanted as a kid.

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9. Like Nerf Guns.

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10. You can even pretend to be a Ninja Turtle.

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11. You know what? Adults don’t have to be serious.

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12. You shouldn’t be ashamed of watching cartoons.

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13. Or picking out all the non-marshmallow cereal pieces.

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14. You can double dip your chips…

When no one is looking…

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15. You can pretend to be a wizard for fun.

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16. And on your birthday? Do whatever you please.

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17. If you want to write-in your own candidate when voting, by all means do it.

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18. You can even drink on a work night.

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But remember…

(Just don’t get tooooo crazy.)

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19. And if going out at night is too much for you, sitting at home, drinking wine, and watching Netflix sounds excellent.

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Male hand using Tv remote control

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20. You can even participate in…

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Just remember that you have work on Monday.

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21. But remember, now that you’re an adult… no one will tell you to stop playing video games at night!

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