19 People We Wish We Worked With

Not everyone is lucky enough to have fun coworkers. Here are some celebrities we’d do anything to share a cubicle with, and watch new episodes of Workaholics Wednesdays on Comedy Central to learn great ways of spicing up your corporate life.

1. Michael Fassbender And James McAvoy

Chairs would be for dancing instead of sitting.

ID: 783689

Justin Timberlake

And there’d be talent shows every week!

ID: 783977

2. Tyra Banks

There’d literally be waitlists for board meetings if she were in charge of them.

ID: 784249

3. Adam From “Workaholics”

He really gets it.

ID: 794164

4. Ryan Lochte

And for once it would be nice to know more about what’s going on than someone else.

ID: 784139

5. Rebel Wilson

If you happened to take a tumble on the way to the kitchen, Rebel would probably be happy to provide you with some very nice company.

ID: 784144

6. Louis C. K.

And on Louis’ first day, you can bet you’d be asked to sign a petition asking to remove office romances from the lengthy list of HR violations.

ID: 784207

Jillian Bell From “Workaholics”

She’d make it okay to browse OKCupid shamelessly on our phones during meetings.

ID: 794180

7. Kate Upton

Just think about how many people would jump at the chance to make more coffee if this was the reward.

ID: 784128

8. Bill Murray

Bill Murray would probably use his position’s salary to fund a special department that would teach all of our pets to drive us to work.

ID: 784211

9. Anders From “Workaholics”

Pure honesty would be allowed.

ID: 794302

10. Samuel L. Jackson

Dress codes would be ruled unconstitutional.

ID: 785190

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

You know they’re secretly best friends.

ID: 785215

11. Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone

And these two would provide the valuable service of bringing fist pumps back!

ID: 785343

12. Snoop Dogg

Awkward silences during lunchtime would be OVER.

ID: 794120

Blake From “Workaholics”

Because, you know. Costumes. And everything else.

ID: 787738

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