11 Reasons To Love David Koechner (If You Don’t Already)

We all love David Koechner for playing Champ Kind in “Anchorman.” But he’s awesome for plenty of other reasons as well! Check out even more proof that he’s worthy of our affection and adoration, and for the chance to win free rent for a year, click here.

1. He Lets People Shoot Him In The Butt With BB Guns

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2. He Knows A Lot About Kids

ID: 471441

3. He Made People Audition To Be His New Best Friend

ID: 471494

4. He’s A Fast Learner

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ID: 480015

5. He Can Think On His Feet

ID: 471503

6. He Understands How Great Norm MacDonald Is

ID: 471507

7. He Turned An Interviewer An Accomplice When He Broke Into A Hotel Room

ID: 472589

8. It Was His Idea To Replace The Lifeguards With Strippers In “Piranha 3DD”

ID: 473070

9. He’s Willing To Take The Fall For Your Mistake

ID: 473266

10. He Tried To Take Down Jay Leno Once And For All

ID: 473678

11. He Agreed That There Needed To Be An “Anchorman 2”

ID: 473764

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