10 Things That Happen When TV Shows Collide

This is what happens when two shows stop being polite and start getting real. Community and @midnight team up to have some fun. Watch Monday - Thursday at 12a/11c on Comedy Central.

1. 1. Jim lets his @midnight win get the best of him.

Jim Rash compares his @midnight win to his Oscar win.

ID: 2518037

2. History of the World in 15 seconds! Including Every Genocide Ever.

ID: 2518067

3. Fire, Punches and Texting mobiles

If only history class made it this simple.

ID: 2517483

4. Spirit of War is now represented by punches.

Jim will not let the club continue if Gillian continues to throw punches like a girl in hopes of portraying “spirit of war.”

ID: 2518048

5. Cookies are Gillian’s favorite thing about showbiz.

Gillian proves we can stay skinny and eat our cookies too…our hero.

ID: 2518094

6. Danny talks so fast you have to watch three times to understand.

@thedeltacube: What is your favorite Troy and Abed end tag?

ID: 2518121

7. Just talking about her dog makes her give the puppy eyes.

@lschin12: If there were to be a talking dogs episode of Community, what dog breed would you want to play your character?

ID: 2518139

8. Only a real man would admit this.

@cdulaney85: Jim, which is tougher to wear : High Heels or nylon stockings ?

ID: 2518150

9. Again, need to watch multiple times to keep up with his fast pace talking.

@LindsayWinger: Danny, did you have any inspiration for your portrayal of Abed?

ID: 2518162

10. Props for admitting what we all were thinking…Vanderpump Rules is our guilty pleasure.

@MaggieTrundles : Gillian, which Real Housewives city is your favorite and why?

ID: 2518169

11. Watch the full episode now at CC.com/atmidnight.

ID: 2532417

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