15 Reasons We’re All Ready For The Cold Weather

As the hot days of summer grind to an end, we’re stuck waiting to begin our favorite winter activities. The snow can’t come soon enough! With the breathable and warm Omni-Heat™ by Columbia Sportswear you can stay outside longer as the days get colder.

1. Summer is great, but the hot days have run their course.

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2. Nobody looks good with pit stains.

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3. Recreating the winter with witchcraft doesn’t work so well.

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4. Our pets are tired of this:

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5. …and would so much rather be doing this:

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6. Some of our best clothes are scheduled to be released from summer prison.

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7. We’re ready to trade in our lawn mowers…

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8. …for a snowmobile.

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9. The thought of being buried in an avalanche has a strange appeal.

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10. Sandboarding and ponytails are so last season.

CMKMStephens / Creative Commons / Via youtube.com
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11. We’re ready to throw snowballs instead of water balloons.

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12. Build monster snowmen.

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13. And turn in our skateboards for snowboards.

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14. Or a pair of skis…

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15. If we can’t make it to the mountain, we’ll figure something out.

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Please let the snow come soon this year!

No matter what the weather brings this fall and winter, stay outside with Omni-Heat™ by Columbia Sportswear.

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