21 Sad Girls At Sporting Events

TV producers love featuring sad chicks on camera when the home team is losing.

1. “The Super Close-Up”

ID: 219430

2. “The Sad Girl Cerberus”

ID: 219425

3. “The Bummed Braveheart”

ID: 219433

4. “The Chicag-oh-no!”

ID: 219440

5. “The Belichick”

ID: 219434

6. “The Why Am I Even Here”

ID: 219438

7. “The Puzzler”

ID: 219443

8. “The ‘I Think I’m Going To Be Sick…’”

part one of The Saddest Second In Fiesta Bowl History

ID: 219447

9. “The Hygienic Hysterics”

part two of The Saddest Second In Fiesta Bowl History

ID: 219454

10. “The Grimace”

part three of The Saddest Second In Fiesta Bowl History

ID: 219457

11. “The Big Blue Blues”

ID: 219449

12. “The Averted Eyes (Of The Tiger)”

ID: 219462

13. “The ‘ol Stink-Eye”

ID: 219471

14. “The First And Last Date”

ID: 219464

15. “The Only Woman In New York Rooting Against Jeremy Lin”

ID: 219466

16. The “Ugh, Uh”

ID: 219469

17. “The Cackalacky Pout”

ID: 219474

18. “The Bereaved Buckeye”

ID: 219477

19. “The Herp Derp”

ID: 219492

20. “The Southern Miss”

ID: 219499

21. “The Single Tear”

ID: 219441


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