Best Of Craigslist: You’re Looking For Who?

10 of the best Craigslist personal ads. No promiscuous pictures or w4m m4m m4w w4w t4m m4t (wtf do those mean?). Do you think Honey Boo Boo reads Craigslist personal ads? Because I want her to come to my birthday party

1. 1. Grand Rapids Resident Pet

Someone in Grand Rapids, please validate this story.

ID: 1409522

2. 2. Beardist

ID: 1409400

3. 3. God Replacement

“Deities that do not forbid bacon or alcohol are preferred.” Did we just become best friends?

ID: 1409409

4. 4. Ghost Writer

Because, obviously, ghosts care about being on TV.

ID: 1409411

5. 5. Temp Girlfriend

ID: 1409417

6. 6. Craigslist MD

“The cyst is behind my right eyeball and looks fairly easy to get at.” Calling all cyst fetish freaks, easy access.

ID: 1409432

7. 7. Real-Life Kick-Ass

Because whatever you see in the movies is totally realistic.

ID: 1409453

8. 8. Archvillain

The only thing certain in life is taxes. Death by nemesis is not guaranteed anymore apparently.

ID: 1409482

9. 9. GOT - RS luvr

Yeah, sign me up too.

ID: 1409502

10. 10. Robert Sylvester Kelly

Not sure how looks are irrelevant. I’m guessing dong size isn’t?

ID: 1409512


ID: 1409540

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