12 Cats Reenacting Famous Film Roles

Because who wouldn’t watch cute kitties starring in EVERY movie?

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1. E.T. phone litterbox.

ID: 1474295

2. Heeeeere’s Fluffy!

ID: 1474245

3. Can I eatz pedals? Cuz I’m going to.

ID: 1474228

4. Avada Katavra!

ID: 1474494

5. Life of Pi… Wait, there’s pie?

ID: 1474256

6. Jack, paint me like one of your French kittens.

ID: 1474470

7. Shrek, I can has?

ID: 1474541

8. To the Catcave!

ID: 1474514

9. Mrs. Bates, food time?

ID: 1474395

10. What a feeling, sleepin’s believin’

ID: 1474479

11. Morphe-pus and Meo-w

ID: 1474560

12. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a purr.

ID: 1474691

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