36 Reasons There’s More To Belfast Than The Troubles And The Titanic

I’m proud of my mad, confusing, beautiful city

1. Most people know Belfast for this.

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2. And this.

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3. But there’s so much more to the city.

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4. We’re surrounded by beautiful scenery. Here’s the view from the top of Cave Hill.

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5. Minnowburn is pretty.

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6. We’re pretty good at pubs. Such as traditional Irish ones.

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7. Ornate Victorian ones.

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8. And hall of mirrors ones.

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9. We have lots of festivals.

Belfast Mela.

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10. We know that public art is best when you give it a stupid name. Like Nuala with the Hula…

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11. And the Balls on the Falls.

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12. These big shipyard cranes aren’t used much these days.

Samson and Goliath, the famous Harland and Wolff cranes.

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13. But if they ever come down, there will be tears.

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14. We’ve given the world our fair share of badasses. There’s Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins.


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15. And George Best.

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16. Bestie was so cool, we renamed the airport after him.

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17. Mary Peters is an Olympic hero.

Hulton Archive / Getty

She even has a running track named after her.

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18. Belfast architect Charles Lanyon was some boy. He designed Queen’s University.

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19. And the Customs House.

ID: 1548886

20. And the Palm House in Botanic Gardens.

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21. Not all of the architecture is great, though. City Hospital is magnificently ugly.

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22. The Titanic wasn’t our only disastrous attempt at building something.

Still, at least Deloreans looked cool.

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23. Game Of Thrones is filmed nearby.

This is the Dark Hedges of Armoy.

ID: 1549143

24. So if you’re wondering why we’re all so beardy, that’s because most of us have been extras in it.

Seriously, everyone knows someone.

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25. We like potatoes so much, we bake bread out of them.

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26. We also love soda farls.

ID: 1548696

27. And if you order an Ulster fry, you get both.


ID: 1548705

28. As for booze, the Scots don’t have a monopoly on Buckfast.

(Seen here in its natural habitat)

ID: 1548732

29. You can get lemonade delivered to your door.

ID: 1549300

30. How about some edible seaweed?

It’s called dulse, and it’s disgusting.

ID: 1549307

31. We’re pretty good at music. Van’s the man.

ID: 1554067

32. At the height of The Troubles, Stiff Little Fingers kicked against the pricks.

ID: 1548828

33. David Holmes is an understated genius.

ID: 1554071

34. We have the world’s greatest continuity guy.

Never change, Julian Simmons.

ID: 1549650

35. Our grannies know how to look after themselves, so don’t mess with them.

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36. And above all, one thing is for sure - the craic in Belfast is mighty.

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