10 Reasons Amazing Mynah Birds Are Just Like Us

We have so much in common!

1. They Call for Dates

ID: 822816

2. Do Animal and Bird Impressions

ID: 822826

3. Try to Entice a You to take a Bubble Bath

ID: 822828

4. Have Questions for the Doctor

Start at @2:54 “What’s Wrong?”

ID: 822844

5. Loiter Around with Friends

ID: 822819

6. Hog the Computer

ID: 822875

7. Attend Crazy Parties

ID: 822869

8. Get Placed Under House Arrest

“Not a pretty polly: Chinese myna bird placed under house arrest for shouting ‘f*** you’ at visitors to zoo”

ID: 822824

9. Appear In Campy Comedies

Just a tiny bit NSFW at the end

ID: 822864

10. And Late Night Talk Shows

ID: 822880

Bonus Cutie: Mynah Birds are in the same Family as Starlings

..and Starlings can be just as a Big a Chatterbox!

ID: 822836

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