The Nevada Day Parade, In Pictures

Happy Nevada Day!

1. Okay, so Saturday marked the 150th year of Nevada’s statehood.

Sorta. We actually became a state on the 31st, but recognize it on the last weekend of the month. We get the last Friday off, too. Also, from now until next Nevada Day, the state is celebrating 150 years of statehood!

John and Cindy Ellison as marshals.

Of course, the parade mainstays, police.

Carson High’s band.

Current governor Brian Sandoval and Co., in a huge tank-truck combo.

Local Northern Nevada news team.

Ely’s White Pine High flag turners.

85%+ of Nevada’s land is owned by the federal government, and a huge portion is used for military purposes, so there’s lots of military stuff in the annual parade.

There is also a large Native American population, too.

Also, the reenactors. They’re everywhere at the parade.

Fun Fact: Nevada gave women the vote six years before you Easterners.

Be glad I didn’t put in the ten odd battalions of Civil War reenactors.

Also, Wells Fargo really does have a stagecoach.

This is the Douglas High drum Major. He’s 15, and because the band teacher left last year, he now manages the band. They also got first place in the state band competiton. Get this boy a medal.

Various other schools also made an appearance. This is the only part for Reno Hi(gh).

This is the Yerington, Fernley, and Dayton bands. Combined with Ely, the band size is approximately that of Carson or Douglas. Vegas bands never come to the parade.

Various other organizations march, too. It’s probably in their handbooks or something, because they come every year.

Seriously. Nevada is one of the boringest places other than Nebraska (where?). This is coming from a longtime resident.

And of course, the good old fire department.

Happy Nevada Day/Week!

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