17 Reasons Everyone Needs A Dog In Their Life

Man’s best friend indeed! What would life be like without these little buddies?

1. Because they roll themselves up like a burrito!

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2. Because they chase and attack their own reflections!

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Silly dog, you’re never going to catch yourself!

3. Because they make faces at you like this!

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How many biscuits can one dog fit in its mouth?

4. Because they do belly flops like this!

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Silly corgi, you barely cleared the dock!

5. Because they copy every little move you make

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6. Because they have a very interesting relationship with cats

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7. Because if you help them, they’ll help you!

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It’s a two-way street!

8. Because they scratch themselves like this!

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9. Because their entire day is made by the “W” word

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Just how excited can one dog get over one, little word? Answer: EXTREMELY Excited!

10. Because they have EPIC dreams that scare them like this!

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11. Because they wait patiently for their little masters to play in puddles

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Oh, how patient dogs can be when it comes to the little ones!

12. Because there is NOTHING more important to them than their families!

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13. Because they live to protect their little guys!

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14. Because they will always be there to welcome you home!

15. Because they will be there with you through the most difficult of circumstances

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The man in this picture is a homeless man from Cedar Rapids who was dying of lung cancer. Hospice employees said his last wish was to see his dog, Yurtie. Shortly after she was brought in, Kevin died but the employees said it was one of the most touching moments they had ever witnessed! Yurtie now lives with a new family.

16. Because “Homeward Bound” taught you everything about the Man/Dog relationship

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17. Speaking of “Homeward Bound,” just watch this pug get as emotional as you during the ending of the film!

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This alone should make you want to go out and adopt!

What do you love most about dogs?

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