11 Rules For Finishing Wedding Season Strong

Hope you like wineries. And barns. We’re in the final stretch of 2013 Wedding Season. Here’s a guide to finishing strong. posted on

1. First off, indulge in some straight-up pampering. You’ve earned it, frequent wedding guest.

Your hair feathers have never looked better.

2. Since by now you’ve seen it all, remember to keep your criticisms to yourself.

No one cares if you never would have chosen Ranunculus for the florals.

3. Don’t be THIS guy at the wedding.

4. Etiquette-wise, it’s totally OK to flash-mob your friend’s wedding.

5. Take some photos before the toasts.

Because no one really remembers anything after the Best Man’s speech.

6. Avoid wedding musicians.

This feels like it’s moving too fast.

7. Terrible wedding music is always made better by profanity and lewd gestures.

8. As long as you’re not wearing white, it’s OK to be a better dancer than the bride.

9. Let’s just save this move for AFTER the couple’s big getaway.

10. Remember, above all, this is a sacred event.

11. And a day to celebrate…with your best wildlife friends.


Here’s the thing - we all know you’re going to end up with the salad tongs on the gift registry, so really make the thought count, and send your favorite newlyweds an amazing card personalized with photos of the happy couple - or a musician in a bad tux. Download Cleverbug and your first card is free.

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