15 Reasons Taylor Swift Is Secretly A Feminist

Has Taylor Swift actually been a feminist all along? Check out the evidence!

1. She knows that her shoe choices are hers and hers alone.

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2. She puts her career first.

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3. She isn’t ashamed to say she loves herself.

Little known fact: Taylor was talking into a mirror.

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4. She is comfortable communicating her sexual desires and boundaries.

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5. She believes in gender equality.

So much so that she dated a guy with the same name. What could be more equal than that?

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6. She doesn’t listen to people who tell her women can’t be successful.

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7. If someone hurts her, she knows she’s better off alone.

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8. She goes out of her way to try to empower young girls.

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9. She uses her success to support other women in her industry.

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10. And of course, she has male friends too.

Because men and women can be friends!

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11. She isn’t ashamed of her femininity…

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12. But she has no patience for guys who don’t treat her well, and she knows exactly how to get revenge.

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13. Not that she hates men, because that’s not what feminism is about.

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14. Uh, what about the slut-shamey vibe of “Better Than Revenge”?

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Well, we all make mistakes…

ID: 1510531

15. Whatever. She looks great in menswear.

Oh, girls can’t wear ties? That’s the patriarchy telling you that!

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So what do you think? Is Taylor Swift a feminist?

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I think YES.

(You know, maybe.)

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