16 SNL Sketches You Had No Idea Brooks Wheelan Was In

Who? A look at Saturday Night Live’s most under-appreciated (former) featured player.

1. Family Feud

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Character: Himself
Notable Lines: “I’m on Saturday Night Live. Sometimes, not a lot.”

2. Airport


Character: Child Traveling with Small Parent
Notable Line(s): “Look, Dad, a plane!”

3. eMeth


Character: Naked Meth Smoker
Notable Line(s): “Without my meth pipe, I don’t know what to do with my hands.”

4. “We Did Stop”


Character: Drunk Uncle Sam
Notable Line(s): None.

5. Mother’s Day Game Show

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Character: Michael
Notable Line(s): “Edie Falco.”

6. Guy Fieri Christmas Special

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Character: Kid Rock
Notable Lines: “I made Bud Light gazpaucho.”

7. The Katt Williams Show

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Character: Jared Leto
Notable Line(s): “I want to thank my band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, for not being good enough to keep me away from acting.”

8. Female Sea Captains

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Character: Merman
Notable Line(s): “You like what you see, girl?”

9. Christmas Album

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Character: Slash
Notable Line(s): None.

10. “(Do It On My) My Twin Bed”

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Character: Girl’s Boyfriend
Notable Lines: None.

11. Cowboys

NBC / Via

Character: Unnamed Cowboy
Notable Line(s): “I don’t think he’s going to want a naked man flying out of the dirt at him.”

12. 12 Years a Slave Auditions

NBC / Via

Character: Uncomfortable Auditioning Actor
Notable Line(s): Indistinct mumbling.

13. Memories

NBC / Via

Character: Man Wearing Scarf
Notable Line(s): “What about me?”

14. Best Buy

NBC / Via

Character: Stupid Ben
Notable Line(s): Indistinct mumbling.

15. Meeting

NBC / Via

Character: Harry Styles
Notable Line(s): None.

16. Miss Universe Pageant

NBC / Via

Character: Beauty Pageant Bouncer
Notable Line(s): None.

Thanks for a great season, Brooks! We hardly knew you, but no regrets.

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